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Automatic hatches for tankers - a smarter choice



There’s a lot of talk about working smarter; easy to say, but it’s a whole lot harder to make it happen. Using clever products, which are built to last, and make tasks quicker and safer – now that’s working smarter. Pivotal Edge automated hatches are:

Robust and Reliable

In most cases no vehicle alterations are required. The Pivotal Edge hatch bolts directly to the Knappco 20″ manway. There are also adapter rings and custom flanges (if quantities warrant these) for other manway designs.

Entirely pneumatic – no electronics or hydraulics to fail
Designed to last more than 20 years!
Durable aluminium design – light weight and strong
Minimal moving parts – means reliable operation

Designed Smarter

Up to 4 hatches on a truck unit can be individually controlled. From an individual or multiple control box
Designed with a low profile – so clearance won’t be a concern
Find out more about the clever design features of Pivotal Edge here.

DIY Install

Designed for DIY install, Pivotal Edge hatches only take about three to four man hours to install which means less time off the road.
See the installation manual for instructions.

No specialty tools required
No welding needed

Easy to retrofit

Pivotal Edge automatic hatches are compatible with most 20-inch manholes and for other manholes we have a range of adapters or customised flanges and the light-weight aluminium construction means no structural modifications are required to your trailer.

Self Cleaning

The scrapper and purge functionality mean the flange is cleaned on sealing, ensuring low wear on seal and improving sealing reliability. Self-cleaning; now that’s smart.

Spare parts and service

When you buy from Pivotal Edge Australia you have peace of mind of knowing your investment is fully supported. The last thing you want is your expensive tanker inactive because you can’t get spares. Buying from Australia’s only authorised dealer or their authorised distributors is simply the smart thing to do.


Our hatches are so reliable, that warranty claims are rare, however, you can rest easy, knowing that a one-year manufacturer’s warranty protects you against material defects and workmanship. Only applicable when you purchase from Pivotal Edge Australia – a benefit no other local supplier can provide. In the unlikely event that you encounter issues outside of the warranty period, we encourage you to contact us to discuss.

Do you have a need for an innovative solution for your business?
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