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Automatic hatches for tankers - a smarter choice


Pivotal Edge Australia - Automatic Hatches - Quicker | Safer | Smarter


Adapter Rings

This allows the installation of the standard domestic manhole cover to manholes that are a different size or have a different holding down bolt pattern, without the need for expensive and time-consuming cutting, welding and recertification. The adapters rings are all design certified for Australia and New Zealand.

  • 18/20″ 6 Bolt
  • 20″ 4 to 6 bolt

Custom flanges are available on request

Rail Control Solution

With rail wagons it is not safe and normally not permitted for personnel to cross from one side of a series of wagons to the other side in order to operate a hatch, and in some circumstances the hatches need to also be operated from other locations e.g. top, on the wagons. There may also be a requirement for a higher operating pressure. The rail Control Solution includes a hatch which can operate up to 2.5 Bars and which can be controlled independently from up to four locations on the rail wagon.

ISO Container Solution

ISO containers are transported by a range of forms which are typically unable to provide consistent compressed air, the ISO container Solution ensures that the system can be pressured using external air and ensure the unit maintains a waterproof seal for extended period be transported using multiple forms of transport e.g. road, rail, sea or when it is being stored.

Dust Control Gasket

has been designed for vehicles which are being loaded at depot’s were the loading spouts are worn / old and are not providing a positive seal with the hatch and resulting in excess dust¬†Read more here

Control Units capable of controlling up to 4 covers

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