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Automatic hatches for tankers - a smarter choice


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

What will it take to install Pivotal Edge hatches?

The hatches are easy to install. Installation can be DIY or using an authorised installer. The hatch is supplied as a complete unit, with all the required mounting hardware and only requires basic tools. No cutting or welding is required, and the hatches are design certified, thus no certification is required for installation. You can find instructions in the Installation Manual.

Do I need to alter my truck to retrofit the hatches?

In most cases, no vehicle alterations are required. The Pivotal Edge hatch bolts directly to the Knappco 20” manway. There are also adapter rings and custom flanges (if quantities warrant these) for other manway designs.

If I Don’t want to fit the hatches myself, where do I go to get them fitted?

We work with a number of approved installers. Just contact us for details of approved installers in your area.

Will the hatches increase the clearance height of my tanker?

The Pivotal edge hatch is designed to be low profile and there is typically no change in the overall height.

How often does the cover need to be serviced?

Moisture can result in products bonding between the cover and flange. Purging will not remove this hardened material and it may continue to build up over time. We recommend opening the lid and inspecting the entire surface of the flange for product buildup that needs to be manually scraped away. This should be done every two weeks to start with. The frequency of inspections can subsequently be adjusted accordingly to what is needed for the products you are transporting and your loading conditions.

Where can I get spare parts?

You can purchase spares from Pivotal Edge Australia or through one of our approved distributors/installers.

I purchased the hatches from elsewhere, and now they can’t supply spare parts. Can you help?

Yes, just call us. We will require some details e.g. serial number, tanker registration number, etc. This will allow us to verify that it is an authentic Pivotal Edge hatch, confirm the model and determine spare requirements and if it is still under warranty. We will then be able to get you the spares you need and get your tanker back on the road.

What is the expected life cycle of the hatch seal?

Automated factory trials indicate 140,000 cycles are achievable. This means that depending on the material being transported, seal life of between 12 months and 4 years can be expected. Operating conditions and maintenance (or lack of) will affect seal life.

How does the hatch seal work?

The seal is designed to be normally extended which allows a weatherproof seal to be maintained even if seal is not pressurized. When the hatch is opened, a vacuum of approx. 8 psi is drawn on the seal and this retracts it into the lid, preventing scuffing. When it is closed, the seal is inflated to 50 PSI using regulated and filtered truck air.

Can I unload if the seal is leaking?

The seal is designed to be normally extended, so typically, tankers can still be discharged possibly at a slower rate, even if the seal is leaking.

Can the hatch be opened when the seal is pressurized?

No, the cylinder used to open and close the hatch does not operate when the seal is inflated.

What happens if someone tries to open the cover when the tank is pressurized?

The seal will deflate, there will be a lot of dust and noise. However, the pneumatic cylinder used to open the hatch will not be able to overcome the friction between the hatch and lugs, until the pressure in the tanker drops below approx. 5 PSI, and it is safe to open the hatch. The seal may need to be pulled out and reinstalled but there should be no damage to the hatch.

What pressure has the cover been certified to operate to?

The standard Pivotal Edge hatch is certified to operate at 2 bar. Higher pressure units for rail tankers and other applications are certified to operate at 2.5 bar. For Hydrostatic testing, seal pressure can be increased to allow tanker to be pressurized up to 3.5 bar.

What temperature is the seal rated for?

The seal is designed to operate from -40oC to + 65oC.

Is the Pivotal Edge suitable for Australian conditions?

Pivotal Edge hatches are designed and proven in Australian conditions for almost 10 years. Furthermore, there are more than 8,000 Pivotal Edge hatches operating successfully in climates ranging from -40oC in the Alaskan oil fields, scorching temperatures in the deserts of South America, throughout North America and Canada, the Middle East, Africa, Australia and South East Asia. Simply stated, the hatches have been proven to work in the field, in all conditions.

What if I have a special application?

We have a number of specialist solutions for:

  • Multi-control units for rail tankers
  • Special coatings for transporting highly abrasive products e.g. Nickol concentrate, aluminum slag, etc.
  • A range of adapter rings for nonstandard manways
  • ISO container solutions
  • Customised flanges for different manways were volumes permit

Call us on +61 2 8315 8440.

How long does the warranty last?

A limited manufacturers warranty applies for 1 year for parts only. For full details please see Pivotal Edge Limited Warranty.

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